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 Imagine being your Own Boss where you don’t have to worry about cash, paying your bills, your mortgage. The secrets of business success are inside the book, Live What You Love: The 20 Golden Secrets of Business Attitudes to Succeed. You’ll be able to read the story of Jean’s successes and failures, as well as discovering a straight guide on how you’re able to make it big. When you buy the book in our website, we’ll offer you a 10-page, condensed PDF; 30 Minutes to Make a Decision to Change Your Life. I call it "The Path to the Summit to be Your Own Boss in 12 months".

The 20 Golden Secrets of Business Attitudes to Succeed

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 The 20 Golden Secrets  of business Attitudes to Succeed

That made me Financially Free in my 40's


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I know how hard it is to follow your dream. Any business it’s risky. Anyway, in life you have to stop yourself and sometimes, you have to force yourself to go forward.

Sometimes you are fighting stinging words from those who just don’t understand your dream, and then you must block out those who are simply haters, who just want to squash your dream, maybe because they never had the courage to pursue their dreams.
For those who want to give you their views on your new business enterprise, tell them this, “Your opinion on me is none of my business!
Now, you have a good day.” Get back out there and keep planning your business, the world is waiting for you.

Here's How This Is Different & Why You Want This Book
Look. I know how it is. You’ve seen ads like mine before. And maybe you’re wondering, “is this really all that it’s cracked up to be?”

The answer is ... NO.
It's Even Better.
Here’s why:
This isn’t some “rah rah” Book where you get a bunch of hyped up “motivation” and then leave empty handed.
Heck - you’re already motivated! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be at this page!
Here’s Exactly What We’ll Be Doing. I don’t talk about this much but I had a rough time as a child.

The Story behind my Financial Freedom

My dad was a photographer, farmer and trader; he was known by his nickname Daniel the Millionaire. And yet, when I was fifteen years old I saw our house burned into ashes due to a faulty generator that my Dad was using in his photo studio. That day we lost everything, I’ve said we have lost all our wealth; going from a higher middle class family to the corridors of poverty was very hard to live with even for a fifteen year-old, as I was then. My Dad was very troubled by this incident as he was the sole breadwinner, not to mention the accumulation of bills that were awaiting him.

I remember my dad sitting on the floor counting every coin and telling me about his tax, bill and debt worries. He used to send me to the door to tell the tax collector he was not in.
My Mum had health problems and could not care for us and was sent back to her biological parent’s where there was no healthcare. My siblings and I experienced the frustrations of having to cook and to do everything by ourselves, people around us were ‘compassionate hypocrisy’ and they were so happy of our new situation
Following the difficulties that our family was enduring, my little brother Ambrose and I took the responsibility of contributing for the entire family. I had to combine my studies with domestic work and Ambrose decided to drop out of school and became a hunter, laying traps in the bush, so that we can have something to eat at home. Unlike Ambrose and I who decided to stay in our family house, our elder siblings went to live with uncles or aunts. Despite the fact that I was fifteen at the time, this tragedy allowed me to understand that we live in a world of hypocrisy where true friends are rare. As sad as this experience was though, it was a pivotal moment in my life.

Since that event I started thinking differently, I was born again; I know what it means not to be able to provide something to your love ones. From that day, I realised that people around me had not changed because of our circumstances. The sun was still shining, the neighbours still continue to take care of their daily routine, and the earth continues to revolve around the sun. It was my personal circumstance and environment that had changed. Just because the house of my family had burned; this did not mean that the world had fallen apart. Life was still going on, and even in a better way for others. Eventually, I found myself living in a poor condition. One day, I was sitting outside on a wooden bench, sweaty and nervous, the ground was heavy and the sky had shade and texture of soggy porridge. As I stood there looking what to do, something had hit me that my father was not wrong. He had worked so hard for what he had achieved.

My mum was sent back to her village where there was no hospital, I felt robbed and cheated by life. It was not just the house that had burned, but the whole family was in danger of burning too.

I was on the verge of breaking down. I had sworn to never be short of money in my entire life, I set up my goal to be financially free.


If you are between twenty-five and thirty years old, you only have 21,000 days left to live. Now take a pencil eraser, look at your payslip and your age; ask yourself how long it would take you to save £200,000; would the bank agree to pay you 15% interest on your saving of £415 a month? It is about 40 years and you have to pay £20,000 in tax if they pay you the principal. And £20,000 paid over 40 years is a little over £100,000 in income.



 Jean Tchamgue, founder of Connecting Enterprise and Afrika Multimedia is not someone with genial idea, but a person who has more “Business Attitudes” and an ability to take a “Risk” and turn his idea or someone else into Business, by creating a Product or Service with staff, premise and make profits.

He’s more focused on Process and Practical Methodology to help his learners and entrepreneurs to move directly and efficiently step-by-step from point A to point B to achieve a specific outcome.

His passion in life is to help people to take their knowledge, experiences, their skill sets and translate them into real products and services that make a difference for others and make profit for them.

 He’s a five years degree, married with children and was earning more than £33,000 a years as student in Geneva in 1998-2002 until one day; he took the big decision to step off the ladder and try to make it on his own. In 2003 he was in London looking for new opportunities due to the advent of Internet Business.

It was a tough moment of his life because of language barrier, although his written language was better than his spoken English.

 In 2006 he’d found a job as a factory worker at Cooper Vision Manufacturing, and was earning a half of what he had as student.

Today Jean is a self made entrepreneur, with ten separate Internet Business, with a business turnover of hundred thousand pound using e-shops, Drop-Shipping, Fulfilment By Amazon Business, eBay Business and Training Programme; built from scratch during his time as a factory worker.

 “The 20 golden secrets of business attitudes to succeed” is the inside story of Jean’s success, failure and a straight guide to how you can make it too.

 The Jean’s secret formula to get ahead F2= (A + V + R) x O + (D+HW) is an online training, not a rocket science. It is a common sense with 20 key rules and attitudes he learnt along the way that together, create Total-Money-Tree-Machine-Business that never stop for anyone who wants to be Financially Free.





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